Why Impartial Property ?

Impartial Property is a state of the art software solution to manage your property business more efficiently and effectively without worrying about your customer satisfaction.

We built the software in collaboration with some industries leading letting agencies which is why we can grantee that our software will genuinely help you automate your work and help you serve better.

Our software package includes:
  • Advanced Property Management
  • Agent Management
  • Accounts Management
  • 4 Different Portals
  • Task Manager
  • Instant Notification
  • Newsletter System
  • Payment Management
Real Estate Website Includes:
  • Website - boosting the conversion rates and page views.
  • Social media - building a loyal community of fans and customers.
  • E-newsletters – bringing back customers and repeat business.
  • Search engine optimisation - bolstering page ranking and traffic.
  • SMS Marketing – Send offers to bring your old customers back.
  • Photography - High quality photography of your business.
  • Advertising – focused campaigns to deliver footfall.
  • Graphic design – fantastic looking and powerfully engaging.
  • Branding – fleshed out and delivering your story.
  • Search engine optimisation - bolstering page ranking and traffic.
  • Localised marketing – finding you customers in your community.

The success of your business depends on hard work and the clever use of old and new marketing techniques along with modern software solutions. Impartial Business team are experts in creating well organised plans which deliver the results you want and Impartial Property can easily boost that process.

You may want to learn more so please feel free to explore our website or call us today to talk to the team.

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01. Advanced Property Management
02. Agent Management
03. Accounts Management

04. 4 Different Portals
05. Task Manager
06. Instant Notification
07. Newsletter System
08. Payment Management


For more information and custom quotation please get in touch with us. Simply call us at +44 (0)20 7078 7353 or email us at info@impartialbusiness.com.
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